Saturday, October 06, 2007

CAAS 2007: Day 2

Today is starting out much quieter than yesterday, but with good reason. All of the surprises have been uncovered (I hope). I'm really happy to hear from Latin teachers and professors that they are using our books. All of the work we do before publication becomes worth it when I hear these comments.

Yesterday was wonderful. The book display was going so well that Mary English--hats off to her for putting on a wonderful conference--extended the display until 6 PM. It makes for a long day, but when you are talking to people about books, Latin and the like the day does fly.

I had a chance to meet many of our authors yesterday. It's good to put a face to names and e-mail correspondents. Though I don't know many people attending CAAS, I did get a chance to talk to a few friends and make new acquaintances.

After hours, I met up with a friend I met at conventiculum last summer. We walked around DC and talked about teaching Latin, life and everything. His students are lucky to have a teacher who burns with passion for Latin.

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