Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2006 NEW Titles

A Horace Workbook
David Murphy and Ronnie Ancona

A Horace Workbook,
written to offer students additional practice with the poems on the AP* syllabus. The Latin text (twenty odes and one satire) that is required reading for the AP Latin Literature Exam is included along with exercises that will help students practice for the AP examination on Horace.
A separate teacher's guide will also be available.

- The Latin text that coordinates with the text from Ancona's Horace: Odes and Satire I.9
- Short Answer questions on the grammar and syntax of each poem
- Multiple Choice questions on textual comprehension and literary analysis
- Translation of selected lines from each poem
- Short analysis questions of the type found on the Horace AP examination
- An appendix of multiple choice questions on previously unseen passages
- Complete vocabulary

Student Text: xii + 204 pp. (2005) Paperback workbook, ISBN 0-86516-574-2
Teacher's Guide: (2006 forthcoming) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-649-8

Ancient Epic Poetry
Charles Rowan Beye

Charles Rowan Beye’s critcially acclaimed interpretive introduction to the epic poetry and poets of Ancient Greece, Rome, and Assyria is here reprinted in an expanded second edition with a new preface, new chapter on Gilgamesh, and an Appendix of Further Reading 1993–2005.

For centuries the beginnings of the literary history of the West were defined by the Hebrew Bible—what most people call the Old Testament—and Homer’s epic poems, the Iliad and Odyssey. These texts were once naively imagined to have come about in splendid isolation either as a miracle of divine creation or the spontaneous combustion of the “Greek genius.” The mighty stream of words down over the millennia to our own time are so many generations of offspring still somehow beholden to their initial begetters. Thus do we construe Western Literature.

– from Chapter 8: Gilgamesh

x + 318 pp (2006, expanded reprint of 1993 Cornell University edition) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-607-2
Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition
Thomas K. Arnold, revised by G.G. Bradley & J.F. Mountford
Donald Sprague, editor
A newly revised and typeset edition of one of the most popular textbooks used for review of grammar and for writing Latin composition.
The gold standard in Latin composition, used by thousands, for good reasons: Bradley’s Arnold
covers the elements of Latin grammar and syntax methodically, from the basic to the complex, and teaches students how to put them together to write accurately in Latin. Plenty of examples and exercises, passages for translation, English-to-Latin vocabulary, indices. Now updated with grammatical terminology more in use today. Completely retypeset, with clear, easy-on-the-eyes fonts and format.

Bradley’s Arnold is a comprehensive review of Latin grammar in the service of Latin prose composition.
· Redesigned format with updated terminology
· Latin grammar explained precisely and thoroughly
· Each lesson has exercises for practice
· Graduated lessons from the fairly simple to the increasingly complex and lengthy
· Supplemental continuous prose passages test full mastery
· English-to-Latin vocabulary
· Latin index and subject index

452 pp. (2006) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-595-5

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