Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Novelized Vergil's Aeneid

Vergil's Aeneid
Hero War Humanity
A Novelistic Approach—A Terrific Read

One of the pillars of the Western literary tradition, Vergil’s Aeneid has it all: adventures on the high seas, battles, passion, monsters, magic, and struggles that test the mettle of both man and woman. G. B. Cobbold joined with Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers to produce the Aeneid as the grand and rousing story that it is. Cobbold’s command of Latin and commitment to a strong narrative line have produced an Aeneid like no other: a fresh and page-turning English rendition that reads like an epic novel, with engaging and helpful reader aids.

• Introduction to the Aeneid and Vergil
• Vivid novelistic rendition with marginal summaries and 92 dynamic in-text original illustrations by Thom Kapheim
• Map of Aeneas’ voyage
• Glossary of characters
• Family trees of main characters and gods
• Book-by-book outline of the plot
• Timeline of significant events in Roman history
• Questions for reflection and discussion

G. B. Cobbold’s Vergil’s Aeneid: Hero • War • Humanity is a long needed rendition that translates the compelling story of Aeneas into a fresh, page-turning, novel-like read for the general student and Latinist alike. Attractive reader aids including a comprehensive introduction to the Aeneid and Vergil, plentiful illustrations and sidebar summaries, a character glossary, family trees, plot outlines, and reading group discussion questions make this a great edition for classics in translation courses and high school and college Vergil courses.

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