Friday, November 08, 2019

Dolus aut Dulce 2019 Winners

Amy Bernard-Mason and her son
as Medusa and Perseus.
After due deliberation on the Dolus aut Dulce entries, Bolchazy-Carducci editors have come to a decision! Plurimas gratias to all who participated in our annual classics costume contest, expanded this year to include a classroom decoration category. From a modern maenad to Persephone with pomegranate . . . to Elmo in a toga (yes, seriously!) and more, we loved seeing the various ways in which contestants interpreted the classical world in costume form. Classroom d├ęcor tended toward the macabre, with tombstones and underworld-related iconography emerging as major themes.

Congratulations are in order for Amy Bernard-Mason, Latin teacher at Voorhees High School and North Hunterdon High School in New Jersey. The winner of this year’s costume category dressed as Medusa to her son’s Perseus; in their submission, the young hero is in the process of slaying his monster mom. Amy has kindly provided some more photos from her trunk or treat event this year, in which she recreated Aunty Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium from the Percy Jackson young adult mythology series. Check out the Medusa crime scene chalk outline!
Amy Bernard-Mason's Medusa crime scene
chalk outline. 

Our second winner transformed her classroom into the Greek underworld with the help of her middle school classes. Emma Vanderpool, Latin teacher at Trickum Middle School in Lilburn, Georgia, asked her students to create museum displays for the multitude of monsters that inhabit Hades. The result was a spine-chilling spectacle. See below for an explanation of her assignment. If you’d like to do something similar in your class, you may also want to use Bolchazy-Carducci’s monster of the month calendar blogs (read September’s blog here and October’s here). 

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Emma Vanderpool’s Greek Underworld Museum Display Assignment

Create a life-size decoration for the wall depicting an assigned underworld figure or monster
  • must be in color
  • may have items printed out (ask Magistra)

Create a museum card (with group members’ names and a four to five sentence summary of figure).

Counts as a test grade for culture
  • 10 points for accuracy
  • 5 points for creativity
  • 5 points for effort

Assigned figures, entrance of the underworld
  • Charon: ferryman of the dead
  • Hermes: guide of souls to the underworld
  • Cerberus: multiheaded dog and guardian of the underworld
  • Gorgons: snake-haired monsters with a deadly stare
  • Geryon: fearsome giant with many heads (and sometimes, bodies)
  • Chimera: a fire-breathing hybrid monster
  • Centaurs: hybrid horse-human creatures
  • Furies: goddesses of vengeance
  • Fates: three goddesses who decided the fate of humans and gods
  • Judges: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus
  • Hydra: snake-headed water monster
  • Harpies: half-human half-bird figures
  • Personification of grief (penthos), anxiety (cura), diseases (nosoi), old age (geras), fear (phobos), hunger (limos), need (aporia), death (thanatos), agony (algea), sleep (hypnos), war (polemos), and discord (eris)

Assigned figures, Tartarus inmates
  • Danaides: condemned to carry water in a sieve for eternity
  • Ixion: bound to a fiery wheel in the afterlife
  • Sisyphus: forced to perpetually push a heavy boulder up a hill
  • Tantalus: eternally unable to reach food and drink just beyond his grasp
  • Tityus: tortured by vultures who ate his liver, which regrew daily
  • Titans: the twelve pre-Olympian gods

To see how Emma's classroom transformation turned out, check out the following video!

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