Monday, February 18, 2019

Martia Dementia 2019

The fifth annual Bolchazy-Carducci Martia Dementia is upon us, and plenty of madness is in store for all participants! In the contest’s first years, ancient authors, philosophers, and politicians battled it out to reign supreme. Then, the Greek and Roman gods got in on the action. Mythological heroes and heroines, not to be outdone, joined the fray next. Now, thirty-two legendary monsters will show their mettle as they contend with last year’s top thirty-two ancient figures.
With your help, one of these figures will emerge as champion of the Mediterranean. To the victor—whoever finishes with the best bracket—belong the spoils. Before getting to the prizes, here is the way the competition will work.
The Bracket
Starting today, complete and submit a bracket to be eligible for wondrous prizes. 

The preferred method: Download the bracket and save it as a PDF file. Then, starting from the “Round of 64,” go through each pairing and select your candidates. Type the names of these candidates in their corresponding “Round of 32” slots. Continue through the remaining rounds until one individual reigns supreme. Send your completed bracket to the email provided on the right side of the bracket. 

The alternate method: Download and print the bracket. Complete the bracket, writing instead of typing your candidates. Scan or take a picture of your completed bracket and send it to the email provided on the right side of the bracket.

Brackets will be accepted through Wednesday, March 20.

The Survey
A survey will be made available on Thursday, March 21, where you can vote for your picks. Whichever ancient figures have the most survey votes by the time the survey closes will advance through the round. Actively participating in the survey betters your chances at winning. Fresh surveys will be posted for each round, so there will be many opportunities to make your mark on the contest. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of voting early and voting often. When the survey goes live, cast your votes! Get your friends to vote for your picks. Teachers, get your students to stuff the survey with favorable votes!

Victori Spolia
This competition is not solely for bringing glory to your favorite ancient figure. Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers is offering book prizes for the brackets that most closely resemble the final results; a $100 book credit will be awarded to the first-place participant, a $50 credit to the second-place participant, and a $25 credit to the third-place participant. Feeling like you no longer stand a chance? Do not give up! There will also be a $25 credit for having the most abysmal bracket! 

Stay Connected
Be sure to bookmark this post and check it frequently, as we will post the survey links for each round here as they become available. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates as the competition progresses.

Remember, brackets close Wednesday, March 20, and the first round of voting will begin Thursday, March 21.

-Amelia Wallace


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    Icthlyocentaurs for the win!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cerberus will beat medusa

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    bolchazy carducci gang