Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dolus aut Dulce 2018 Winners

Mercedes Barletta as Thetis dipping Achilles into the river Styx.
During this year’s Dolus aut Dulce Twitter costume contest, we avoided the doli but received quite a few dulcia—submissions in the individual and group categories were excellent! Plurimas gratias to everyone who participated! We loved seeing your take on Greco-Roman history and myth, whether you were a (nice) Roman imago, fierce Artemis bending her bow, Daphne in mid-transformation, a Dionysius/Polyhymnia duo, or Dr. Who (who, in this version, seems to have been the true author of Ennius’s Annales).

A special round of congratulations goes to our winners, whose efforts were truly spectacular. Mercedes Barletta of Harvard-Westlake School sent in a photo series depicting Thetis dipping baby Achilles in the river Styx. Her attention to detail and commitment to the role is laudable. As a bonus, Mercedes sent in a throwback photo showing her as Daphne becoming a laurel tree. See both of Mercedes's photo series here and here.

UMass MAT students created a judgment of Paris tableau.
The winners of our group contest photo offered a humorous take on the judgment of Paris. Latin MAT students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst submitted this creative twist on the story: Chloe Kolbet dressed as a very Parisian Paris, while Steven John assumed the role of Athena, Joe Stern represented Aphrodite, and Forrester Hammer played Hera.

Did you miss out on this year's Halloween contest? Plan to participate next year and encourage your students to participate—this year’s winners received a $50 book credit! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming contests, new books, and conference and webinar schedules!

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