Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a.d. XVI Kal. Oct.

1. You are Odysseus, one of the premier warriors who fought at Troy. The Cyclops will prove a formidable opponent, but you will not shrink from a battle with him.

2. You are wily Odysseus, the inventor of the ruse of the Trojan Horse. The wit of the Cyclops is no match for yours; you can trick him into letting you leave.

3. You are patient Odysseus. Ten years at Troy, always missing Penelope and Telemachus, has taught you the value of patience. Another day or two to ensure your return seems a simple sacrifice.

If you choose to attack the Cyclops, turn to page 3.
If you choose to trick the Cyclops, turn to page 17.
If you choose to wait for your opportunity to escape, turn to page 86.

What choice will you make? Follow your fate here.

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