Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Acquaintances and Awards in Austin: An ACL 2016 Wrap-Up

Editor Don Sprague sits behind the
Bolchazy-Carducci book display 
at the 69th Annual ACL in Austin, TX
The 69th Annual Institute of the American Classical League took place at the University of Texas in Austin, TX Sunday June 26 through Tuesday June 28, 2016 with 280 in attendance. Allan Bolchazy, Don Sprague, and Laurel Draper represented Bolchazy-Carducci. The daytime temperatures in Austin were in the 90’s and the humidity quite high.

ACL President Kathy Elifrits
presenting Rose Williams
with the Merita Award.
The exhibit space was at the San Jacinto Center in a nice open and light-filled room with plenty of space for folks to move around. Registration and break refreshments were in the same room. B-C prepared a special display for the book exhibit that included all of Rose Williams’s B-C books, a poster, and a bouquet of yellow roses.

Nancy Yust, one of two winners
of the B-C book bundles "fishbowl"
drawing, displaying her
winnings at ACL in Austin.
One of the highlights of the Institute was the Meritus/Merita Award presentation at the banquet. Rose Williams received the Merita Award and B-C author Gaylan DuBose (Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource and, with Marianthe Colakis, Excelability in Advanced Latin) received the Meritus Award. Ginny Lindzey (Gaylan's former student who teaches Latin at Dripping Hills High School, TX) won the Norman Goldman costume award.
Kathleen Durkin, one of two winners B-C
book bundle drawings, happily holds her
newly obtained books.

Another highlight of the Institute was the Bolchazy-Carducci "fishbowl" drawing. This year we again offered two book bundles. Congratulations to the winners! Nancy Yust and Kathleen Durkin each took home a bundle of books. When attending conferences, always be sure to stop by our booth, so that you don't miss an opportunity to win prizes.

Overall we had a great time talking with friends, customers, and all attendees. Were you unable to make the conference and still have questions? Did you attend and would you like to share a part of your experience? Feel free to comment or ask questions below. I'd love to hear from you!

-Connor Hart

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

June Answer for Roman Calendar

If you have not already done so, check the inside back cover of our 2015-16 Roman Calendar for a reproducible worksheet that asks students to engage with the mythology-oriented artwork included in the calendar.

For those completing the worksheet, here is June’s image, question, and answer.
Question: What might Juno have held in her right hand?

Answer: Congratulations to June winner Matthew Moore (Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, MD), who suggested that Juno could be holding a torch for a wedding procession.

Juno may also have held a royal scepter (a symbol of her status as wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods) or a pomegranate (a symbol of fertility).

Think your students know the answer to the July question on the worksheet? Tweet @BCPublishers the answer by July 25th for a chance to win five of our new buttons. We'll announce our answers, as well as the winner, at the beginning of August. Submit an answer for your class, or better yet, encourage students to participate individually.

To add your name to our mailing list for the Roman Calendar, email orders@bolchazy.com with the subject line "Roman Calendar"; be sure to include your name and mailing address in the body of the mail. Calendars are mailed annually in August.