Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer 2009 Webinar information

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When they happen
June 23: Anna Andresian — Using Oral Latin in Your Classroom
July 15: Bill Dominik — Exploring Etymology in Your Latin Classes
July 16: Rose Williams — Oral Latin via Readings in Roman History
July 21: Jayne Reinhard — Roman Art and Archaeology for Latin Teachers
July 23: Jayne Reinhard — Daily Life in Ancient Rome
July 30: Laura Gibbs — Latin 2.0: Personal Learning Networks
August 6: Rose Williams — Learning Latin Pronouns via Roman Mythology
August 13: Jon Hall — Latin Oral Interpretation and Performance via Cicero
September 23: Terry Tunberg & Milena Minkova — Training Techniques for Spoken Latin Expression
September 30: Terry Tunberg & Milena Minkova — Virtual Conventiculum

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