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An Ovid Workbook Teacher's Manual

An Ovid Workbook
Teacher's Manual

Two master classroom teachers have carefully constructed An Ovid Workbook Teacher’s Manual to assist teachers as they build students’ confidence in comprehending Ovid’s poetry and in preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. A complement to An Ovid Workbook, this all-in-one Teacher’s Manual contains the complete student workbook, including the Latin text, and provides answers following each question. The Manual is a valued resource for every teacher of Ovid, from novice to master.

• Lessons focus on the Advanced Placement selections from Ovid’s Amores and
• Comprehensive, customized grading guidelines for each essay based on the Advanced Placement model
• Rubrics for scoring translation exercises based on the AP* word grouping system
• Answers to questions that address the underlying grammatical and syntactical
structures of each passage
•Complete answers to exercises that provide a supply of the types of questions
commonly found on the Advanced Placement Examinations such as: ▪ Multiple choice questions ▪ Essays ▪ Short analysis questions on matters of literary interpretation,
historical allusions, and figurative language ▪ Translation ▪ Scansion
• Answers to three practice exams that each feature an essay comparing two poems

Charbra Adams Jestin has taught Romance Languages at the high school level for thirty years. Over the past twenty years she has focused on the teaching of Latin at varied levels, including AP* Latin Literature and AP* Vergil. This experience led her to publish, in conjunction with Phyllis B. Katz, Ovid: Amores Metamorphoses Selections (1998, 2nd edition, 2003), a reading text designed to provide students with the tools necessary for reading Ovid successfully. She has contributed an article to the AP* Central website “Translation in the AP Latin Classroom: A Targeted Approach.” She holds a Master of Arts degree in Classics from Wesleyan University and teaches at Avon High School in Avon, Connecticut.

Phyllis B. Katz is the coauthor of Ovid: Amores Metamorphoses Selections (1998, 2nd edition, 2003). Other publications include “Ovid’s Last World,” Classical and Modern Literature, 1992; “Shifting Ground: The Metamorphoses of Ovid’s Tiresias in Christine de Pisan’s Le Livre de la Mutacion de Fortune and T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land,” forthcoming in Classical and Modern Literature; and “Educating Paula: A Proposed Curriculum for Raising a Fourth Century Christian Infant,” forthcoming in Hesperia. She is a Senior Lecturer in Classics at Dartmouth College, and teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies programs there. Research interests include women in Greece and Rome, and images of women on Corinthian pottery. She served on the Classical Association of Connecticut’s Committee to Establish Goals for Statewide Latin Proficiency and on the New Hampshire Board of Education’s Latin Certification Committee.

*AP is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

xii + 170 pp. (2007) Paperback, ISBN 978-0-86516-626-4

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