Monday, April 30, 2007

The Complete Hitler

The Complete Hitler: A Digital Desktop Reference to His Speeches & Proclamations, 1932-1945
By Max Domarus
English eBook by Andrew Reinhard
German eBook by Peter Sipes

As eyewitnesses to the birth and death of the Third Reich and of the horrors of the Holocaust pass on, the dangers of history repeating itself become greater.

“Hitlers” return because we no longer know how to recognize them.

Lest we ourselves become victims of these new monsters, we must revisit the often painful past.

The eBook you now hold places Hitler under a microscope for any observer to learn what it is to seduce a nation and deceive the world.

Forty years in the making, Max Domarus’ Hitler: Speeches and Proclamations 1932–1945: The Chronicle of a Dictatorship is now available as an eBook. No other study, past or present, of Adolf Hitler approaches Domarus’ magnum opus, a four-volume, 3,400 page dissection of a media mastermind, orator, and butcher of millions.

Annotated with nearly 7,000 endnotes containing additional commentary and citations, Hitler: Speeches and Proclamations, 1932–1945 is the most comprehensive, documented look at the man responsible for the most significant events of the 20th century.

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