Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CAMWS 2007

To those gentle readers (and authors) who stopped by the Bolchazy-Carducci booth at CAMWS (Classical Association of the Middle West and South), thank you! It was a joy getting to either meet you for the first time or to reconnect. This was my first trip to CAMWS. I had attended other professional conferences like the AIA/APA (sorry — APA/AIA) as a student of archaeology and as a presenter (who could forget the panel on what to do after grad school that's non-academic but vaguely related to Classics). But CAMWS was special and fun. And for those of you who skipped out on the dancing after 10 on the night of the Banquet, you missed quite a party. Special thanks to Dr. T. Winter for getting things started on the parquet.

I spent most of my time speaking with both students and teachers of archaeology, Latin, and Greek about eLearning and the Classics. Colleges like Xavier are really leading the way with their wired classrooms, and Creighton's language labs contain digital helps to students of both Latin and Greek. Check out what they're up to by visiting http://www.creighton.edu/langlab/booklat.htm and http://www.creighton.edu/langlab/bookgre.htm.

Many, many visitors were inspired by our forthcoming Digital Scholia title which offers live lectures and real-time sentence diagramming of Cicero's First Catalinarian (learn grammar and rhetoric at the same time!) They also seemed to enjoy our Latin grammar, Looking at Latin (2006), and are looking forward to seeing digital helps made available for this and other titles on-line.

Thanks again for making CAMWS such a good show for us. For those who saw our senior editor, Laurie Haight-Keenan, give her talk on the manuscript submission process, that paper will be available on-line soon, along with a number of other resources for Classicists, Mediterranean mavens, and language learners world-wide.

See you in May in Kalamazoo at the 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, and in June in Nashville at the American Classical League (ACL) annual meeting, the "Party at the Parthenon"!

As a reminder, we do have several forums as well as this blog where you can go to read the comments of others on everything from eLearning and the Classics to the uses and abuses of the Classical tradition to Artes Latinae and homeschooling. Pick a topic, log in, and post!


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