Friday, November 10, 2006

A Little Book of Latin Love Poetry

A Little Book of Latin Love Poetry: A Transitional Reader for Catullus, Horace, and Ovid
by John Breuker and Mardah Weinfeld

Selected poems of Catullus, Horace, and Ovid are presented first in slightly modified form with notes. The aim is to provide guideposts to the ultimate goal of reading the authentic Latin verse, now as review. This edition alternates learning to read the poems with grammar and syntax review to help students negotiate the sometimes challenging path between beginning and intermediate Latin.

Features of this edition:
• Selections from 6 poems of Catullus (51, 43, 86, 5, 70, 8), 3 poems of Horace (Odes I.23, III.9, III.26), and 2 poems of Ovid (Amores 1.5 and 1.9), first modified, then in authentic Latin
• Opposite-page Vocabulary and Reading Helps
• Questions on Analysis and Comprehension of the Latin Text, and on Literary Analysis and Discussion
• 13 Rapid Reviews with exercises on key points of grammar and syntax
• 2 Major Reviews with drills on infinitives and participles
• Final Unit Review encourages re-reading of all poems in unmodified form, with notes on Textual Matters and Points to Ponder
• 4 Appendices on
▪ Timelines for the 3 poets
▪ Poetic Devices/Literary Terms
▪ Metrics
▪ Latin Grammar and Syntax
• Bibliography
• Glossary of Proper Names
• Full Latin-English Vocabulary

John Breuker recently retired after teaching for forty-five years at the secondary and college/university levels. He spent the bulk of his career at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio. He is the author of Study Notes for Vergil’s Aeneid (Oxford, OH, 2000) and “The Public and Private Aeneas: Observations on Complex Responsibility,” in W. Anderson and L. Quartarone, eds., Approaches to Teaching Vergil’s Aeneid (New York, 2002). A recipient of several awards and honors, Breuker has presented numerous papers on pedagogical and Vergilian topics at state, regional, and national professional meetings. In retirement he is teaching part-time, and remains passionate about making the classics live for young people.

Mardah B. C. Weinfield
has taught Latin at the secondary level for ten years. A 1999 recipient of the Illinois State Board of Education “Those Who Excel” Award, she has also presented papers on pedagogical and Roman topics at a variety of state professional conferences. Although her current focus is primarily on raising her young boys, Weinfield continues to mentor area teachers and to tutor students. Most recently, she has translated four children’s books into Latin (Bolchazy-Carducci, 2002–2003).

x + 124 pp. (2006) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-601-3

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