Friday, October 13, 2006

Author appearance

The Classical Association of Virginia (CAV) is hosting a weekend workshop:

The Transition to Literature
in the Latin Classroom
in Richmond, Friday evening, October 27
through Sunday morning October 29.

One of our authors, Rose Williams (Cicero the Patriot, Vergil for Beginners) will be there as a presenter.

The seminar will address the shifting of literature from Latin 5-6 classes to Latin 4 in preparation for external testing and credit (AP and IB). There will be four speakers/facilitators who will demonstrate what teachers at each of the first four levels of Latin can do to prepare all students to read real Latin literature. We will cover topics such as meter, poetic devices, rhetorical devices, reading strategies and more. There will be four main sessions, each devoted to what goes on in a given year of Latin in different textbooks. Participants will be required to research the appearance and treatment of specific topics in the textbooks which they use. Each speaker will make a presentation for about an hour and then the teachers will be divided into three groups led by the other speakers to address assigned problems. Each session will end with group reports. In the final session all four speakers will provide summations and assign projects to be completed later and shared with the group by email. An effort will be made to publish the outcomes in the Forum section of the Classical Journal.

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