Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cicero: De Amicitia Selections

Cicero: De Amicitia Selections
Patsy Rodden Ricks & Sheila K. Dickison

In de Amicitia Cicero gives insights on the relationship between two historical persons, Laelius sapiens and Scipio Aemilianus, as well as on the meaning of true friendship. He bases his positions on readings in Greek philosophy as well as on his own personal relationships. His writing is thought-provoking and his reasoning at times seems startlingly modern.

The two passages in this edition were chosen for the Advanced Placement Cicero syllabus and are also appropriate as a high school or college-level introduction to Cicero’s essays.

Features of this edition include:
• Introduction to Cicero and the historical setting of de Amicitia
• Latin text of selected passages: V.17–VII.23 and XXVII.100b–104
• English summary of all other passages in de Amicitia
• Grammatical, literary, historical, and vocabulary notes on facing pages
• Glossary of Figures of Speech
• Bibliography
• Full Vocabulary

Patsy Rodden Ricks has spent a lifetime teaching Latin at both the secondary and college level. She has studied and traveled extensively in Italy, and she frequently leads academic tours. She also teaches courses on Italy and wines.

Sheila K. Dickison is an associate provost and director of the University Honors Program at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and a member of the Classics Department. In the past she has had extensive experience with the Advanced Placement Latin program, including serving as Chief Reader of the Latin exams. She is author of Cicero’s Verrine Oration II.4 (1992) in the Wayne State University Press Pedagogy series.

Student Edition: x + 73 pp. (2006) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-630-9
Teacher's Manual: vi + 32 (2006) Paperback, ISBN 0-86516-641-2

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