Tuesday, October 03, 2017

September Answer for Roman Calendar

If you have not already done so, check the inside back cover of our 2017–2018 Roman Calendar for a reproducible worksheet that asks students to engage with the artwork included in the calendar. This year, the calendar includes images of stamps used to commemorate the Olympics over the past century. These images call back to the Olympics' origins by putting representations of ancient art, such as red- and black-figure athletes, marble statues, and drachmae, at the center of the stamps.

For those completing the worksheet, here is September's image, question, and answer.

Question: This stamp, printed in Hungary for the 1960 Olympics in Rome, depicts a man drawing his bow. Archery was not an event in the ancient pentathelon. What were the five original major events?

The pentathlon tested the skills of men in five winner-take-all competitions. The events of the contest were the discus, the jump, the javelin, the stadion, and wrestling.

Think your students know the answer to the October question on the worksheet? Tweet @BCPublishers the answer by September 25th for a chance to win five of our new buttons. We'll announce our answers, as well as the winner, at the beginning of October. Submit an answer for your class, or better yet, encourage students to participate individually.

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