Thursday, January 12, 2017

Derivative Update in Latin for the New Millennium, Second Edition

Second Edition Coming Soon

The second exercise in each chapter
 of the student text has always
 included a derivative recognition exercise.
Students and parents consistently cite “enhancing one’s English vocabulary” as one of the key reasons they have chosen or been encouraged to choose Latin for their second language study.

In the first edition of Latin for the New Millennium, the second exercise in each chapter requires students to use their knowledge of Latin vocabulary to recognize English words derived from Latin. In addition, the test banks that teachers can access through the Teachers’ Lounge contain derivative exercises to help build students’ English vocabulary. Each review in both LNM 1 and LNM 2 features a Mīrābile Audītū section that presents a set of Latin phrases, abbreviations, mottoes, and terms used in English.

When creating goals for Latin for the New Millennium, Second Edition, we decided to enhance the derivatives component of the series. To that end, each chapter in the student text ends with a list of English derivatives for that chapter’s “Vocabulary to Learn.” The Teacher’s Manual provides teachers word histories, etymologies, and sample sentences showcasing the derivatives. Teachers can use this material as they wish to prepare their classroom presentations on derivatives. Exercise 2 in every chapter in the student workbooks feature work with English derivatives.

We are pleased to affirm that the LNM Second Edition builds on the First Edition and features a richer set of derivative-based resources. 

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