Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Vocabulary Quizzes for Ubi Fera Sunt

Recently Bolchazy-Carducci announced the arrival of Ubi Fera Sunt, a Latin translation  by Rick A. LaFleur of Maurice Sendak's beloved Where the Wild Things Are. The book, with its limited vocabulary, makes a great addition to Latin classrooms of any level. To help make it an effective resource in the classroom, we have provided links to several quizzes that will make it fun and easy for students to master the vocabulary. Quizzes and instructions on how to use each format  can be found on our web page here, under the "Digital Content" tab.

One platform, Quia, functions as either a take-home quiz for the students to finish for practice on their own or as one for the students to complete during class. It lists the Latin or English for the students and they must type in the correct translation.

The other platform, Kahoot, is primarily an in-class quiz. The teacher displays a Latin word with four possible translations, and it is up to the student to choose the correct one.

For teachers who don't use Quia or Kahoot, LaFleur has also provided a complete vocabulary list, divided by parts of speech, which is also available under the "Digital Content" tab.

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