Monday, October 05, 2015

Dolus aut Dulce? The Bolchazy-Carducci Costume Contest

Hail Caesar! The late Lou Bolchazy
sporting a toga at ACL 2005.
Are you dressing up in a toga for Halloween? Perhaps you've decided to finally wear that old aegis you've had lying around? Maybe you will be sporting one hundred peacock feathers, once held by the head of Argos? Bolchazy-Carducci urges you to! We not only suggest you do, but if you decide to dress up in classics garb, take a picture and send it our way!

Marie Bolchazy wearing a
floral stola and matching
garland at ACL 2005.
All we need from you is a photo of you in a classics-themed picture. Send it to us via Twitter to @BCPublishers, using the hash tag #BCPub. Do this, and you automatically make yourself eligible for one of three prizes! One photo will be accepted per Twitter account. If multiple people are in one picture all wearing classics costumes, the prize would only go to the owner of the account that tweeted the picture. If by request the contestants ask that another member of the picture stand as the contestant, one that is not the Twitter account member, or not a Twitter member at all, we will accept that as well.

Teachers, tell your students; students, tell your teachers. Tell all of your friends. No need to wait until October 31 to send a picture. We will start accepting photos this week and will continue to accept pictures until 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday, November 2nd. Even if it is not your Halloween costume, so long as you have a photo featuring a classics-themed costume, we'll take it!

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