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Homer: A Transitional Reader
John H. O'Neil and Timothy F. Winters

This reader eases students into reading continuous, original Homeric Greek. Fifteen passages from the Iliad are included with pre-reading materials, grammatical and comprehension exercises, vocabulary and grammar notes, and more.

Homer: A Transitional Reader moves students with incipient proficiency in reading Attic Greek into the Greek of the Homeric poems. Fifteen selections from the Iliad progress through readings of graduated increasing length. Each selection begins with a reading that has metrical and dialectical challenges resolved. A set of thought questions and the unaltered text with literary and metrical notes and vocabulary glosses follow. Post-reading questions encourage students to delve into fuller understanding and appreciation of what they’ve read.


  • Introduction to Homer and to dactylic hexameter

  • Greek text (15 selections totaling 271 lines) with notes

  • Grammar review and exercises

  • Second, unaltered text with vocabulary and literary and metrical notes

  • Questions for thought

  • Glossary of Figures of Speech and Glossary of Significant Names

  • Vocabulary

About the Authors

John H. O’Neil has taught Latin and Greek since 1983 at Saint Charles Preparatory School in Columbus, Ohio. In 1999 he received the Borromean Medal for Distinguished Service to Saint Charles Preparatory School.

Timothy F. Winters is Professor of Classics at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. He received the Award for Excellence in College Teaching for 2007 by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. Dr. Winters has conducted archaeological field work on the island of Salamis and is the author of articles on Greek, epigraphy, and archaeology.

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