Friday, July 02, 2010

a.d. VI Non. Ivl.

2010 Terence Award-Winners

I am thrilled to announce the winners of the 2010 Terence Awards (aka Terrys) that honor excellence in Classics student films. Each winning student or group of students will receive a check in the amount of $100.00 along with copies of Terence's Phormio. Thanks to the Excellence Through Classics organization for sponsoring this event, with additional assistance from Andrew Reinhard and Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers. Winners will be contacted directly via email for snailmail addresses to which the prizes can be sent.

Additional prizes were added to include a Best Picture prize for junior high/middle school (and younger) students as well as extra "Best Use of Latin in a Film" prizes.

The judges reserve the right to not award a prize should they feel that no films in a given category merit the award. There were no entries received for the "Best Use of Ancient Greek" prize. The judges decided not to award prizes for "Best Use of Latin in a Film" for the "Senior" (university-level) category of films, or for Best Foreign Film this year.

And the Terrys go to:

JUNIOR (middle school, junior high school, and homeschool students under the age of 14):

Best Use of Latin in a Film: Romulus et Remus, Dutchess Day School, Milbrook, NY, Russell Day (teacher)

Best Picture: Prometheus and Pandora, Artemis Resnick (independent learner)

JUNIOR (high school and homeschool students under age 18):

Best Use of Latin in a Film: Dominus Anulorum, Oakmont Regional High School, Ashburnham, MA, Jocelyn Demuth (teacher)

Best Picture: Caligula's Adventures in Wonderland, Masters Academy, Charlotte, NC, Sherri Madden (teacher)

SENIOR (college and university students):

Best Picture: Panic! The Sicilian Misadventure, Haverford College, Bret Mulligan (teacher)

Thanks to all who submitted films in 2010. The call-for-submissions for the 2011 contest will be posted in September this year, with awards announced at the 2011 American Classical League's Summer Institute in Minneapolis.