Friday, November 06, 2009


iPodius, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers’ downloads store, is now officially open for business. Like iTunes (but for Classics), customers can download entire albums of Latin and Greek music and recitation. One can also select individual MP3 tracks with which to build an audio curriculum as a complement to assigned readings of ancient authors.
Obtain the unabridged reading of the Iliad in Homeric Greek by Stephen G. Daitz or download Catullus 64 as read by Robert P. Sonkowsky. Purchase the newly remastered Latin Music Through the Ages as an MP3 album. Create a combination of audio files that you can download onto any computer.
Illustrated audio books by Rose Williams as read by Dr. E. Del Chrol of Marshall University are available today! Listen, watch, and read on your iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, or other handheld media player capable of playing .m4a files.
Software can be downloaded at iPodius too. Cell phone and iPod flashcards for the vocabulary in Wheelock, AP Vergil, and Latin for the New Millennium, Levels 1 and 2 are available. iPodius users also can choose to purchase licenses for Looking at Latin Online and Review Latin Verbs.
eBook versions of Latin for the New Millennium student workbooks will be made available soon, followed later in 2009 by the student textbooks. Other digital goodies will appear as they are created. In 2010, there will even be a space for teachers to sell their own material including (but not limited to) classically themed novels, classroom helps, and software programs.
Visit iPodius today at For those about to download, we salute you!

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