Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer 2009 Webinar information

How to sign up

When they happen
June 23: Anna Andresian — Using Oral Latin in Your Classroom
July 15: Bill Dominik — Exploring Etymology in Your Latin Classes
July 16: Rose Williams — Oral Latin via Readings in Roman History
July 21: Jayne Reinhard — Roman Art and Archaeology for Latin Teachers
July 23: Jayne Reinhard — Daily Life in Ancient Rome
July 30: Laura Gibbs — Latin 2.0: Personal Learning Networks
August 6: Rose Williams — Learning Latin Pronouns via Roman Mythology
August 13: Jon Hall — Latin Oral Interpretation and Performance via Cicero
September 23: Terry Tunberg & Milena Minkova — Training Techniques for Spoken Latin Expression
September 30: Terry Tunberg & Milena Minkova — Virtual Conventiculum

More information and sign-up
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  1. The link to sign up does not work I would love to sign up for the 23 and 30 of septm

    1. Hi,
      This post is from about 10 years ago, so these webinars have come and gone. However, if you were interested in signing up for the September webinars listed here, you will most likely be interested in the December one offered this year ("Implementing Aural/Oral Activities in the LNM Classroom")