Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rena Rhinoceros

Rena Rhinoceros: Rena the Rhinoceros
by Rose Williams

Rena Rhinoceros is the fourth book of the four-book series, "I Am Reading Latin Stories." Original illustrations and a simple Latin story tell of a little rhinoceros who is impatient to be grown up but learns that this takes time.

The book has features that make reading Latin fun for young children as well as educational: simple Latin questions; an English translation; Latin pronunciation guides; a glossary of Latin words; English derivatives; and notes about basic Latin nouns and verbs.

Each book in the series may be read independently, but as the series progresses, new elements of Latin are gradually added. Rena Rhinoceros adds a few more Latin verb forms (and explanations for them) than the first three books.

iv + 20 pp. (2008) Papberback, ISBN 978-0-86516-699-8

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