Friday, August 15, 2008

Octavus Octopus

Octavus Octopus: Octavus the Octopus
by Rose Williams

Octavus Octopus is the second book of the four-book series, "I Am Reading Latin Stories." Original illustrations and a simple Latin story tell of a little octopus who does not appreciate his home until he leaves it.

The book has features that make reading Latin fun for young children as well as educational: simple Latin questions; an English translation; Latin pronunciation guides; a glossary of Latin words; English derivatives; and notes about basic Latin nouns and verbs.

Each book may be read independently, but as the series progresses, new elements of Latin are gradually added. Octavus has a few more Latin vocabulary words than does Ursus et Porcus (first in the series), and it mades use of a few adjectives and the basic verb sum.

iv + 26 pp. (2008) Papberback, ISBN 978-0-86516-698-1

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