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Bolchazy-Carducci announces BC Summer School: Webinars for Latin Teachers

Need continuing education units? This summer, expert, published Latin scholars and teachers will be teaching in a new, weekly series of accredited online webinars offered by Bolchazy-Carducci. Whether you're a new Latin teacher looking for teaching tips or a seasoned veteran in search of professional education credits for recertification, our BC Summer webinars offers a diverse menu of options to give you what you need.

More than just an online lecture, attendees can dialogue with each other and the speakers live, view presentations, and explore teaching materials used by the speakers themselves.

Space is limited, so sign up today at

Summer Schedule

June 12: "Using Roman History to Learn Latin Reading Skills"
Rose Williams, Emerita Latin teacher
This webinar will illustrate how teachers can draw from readings from Roman history to illustrate Latin grammar.

June 18: "Teaching Catullus: Pedagogical and Scholarly Perspectives"
Ronnie Ancona, Hunter College, City University of New York
The Catullus webinar will address major features of the teaching of Catullus at both the secondary school and college levels; selections will be used to demonstrate issues of Catullan vocabulary, style, and theme.

June 25: "Roman Art and Archaeology for Latin Teachers"
Jayni Reinhard, Arizona State University
We will take a look at the art and archaeology pertaining to the major sources of Latin texts, including theatres, architectural inscriptions, wall paintings, graffiti.

July 3: "Teaching Horace: Pedagogical and Scholarly Perspectives"
Ronnie Ancona, Hunter College, City University of New York
The webinar will address how to teach Horace at different curricular levels, and recent scholarly perspectives on Horace and how to incorporate them into the high school or college classroom.

July 10: "How to Teach Lucretius"
Bonnie Catto, Assumption College
Catto focuses on excerpts from De Rerum Natura, and discusses college-level linguistic and intellectual aids for translating and comprehending this difficult but magnificent Roman poet.

July 15: "Learning Latin Grammar via Speaking Aloud in Class"
Anna Andresian, Prairie Ridge School
Andresian's presentation will focus on specific techniques for incorporating oral exercises into the Latin classroom, particularly oral methods.

July 17: "Transitioning into Vergil"
LeaAnn Osburn, Emerita Latin teacher
Osburn discusses selections from the Aeneid with a focus on helping students move from elementary or intermediate Latin into reading the authentic Latin of Vergil.

July 24: "Teaching Latin Pronouns through Mythology"
Rose Williams, Emerita Latin Teacher
A brief overview of Greco-Roman mythology, which can be used as an outline for the overall study.

August 4: "Classical Mythology & More and the Medusa Mythology Exam"
Marianthe Colakis, Townsend Harris High School
This webinar aims to generate discussion among teachers on preparing students for national examinations in mythology, and to show the ways in which Classical Mythology & More can help.

August 14: "Learning to Read Ovid"
Caroline Perkins, Marshall College
This webinar will emphasize how to enable the student to make a successful transition from the learning of grammar to the reading of Latin literature and how to teach students of varying levels of preparation in the same classroom.


$99.00 per webinar
Take any three for $249.00
Summer subscription (all 10 webinars) for $699.00


More webinars will be offered in Fall 2008 by LeaAnn Osburn, Helena Dettmer, Robert Sonkowsky, and more!

*If you are a junior high or high school teacher, check with your school, district, or state department of education prior to enrolling to ensure you will qualify for credits towards professional development. In many states, these webinars may be treated like professional conferences.

Judy Armstrong:
(847) 526-4344 ext. 25

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