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Cicero and Horace: Vocabulary Frequency Lists for AP* Selections

Cicero and Horace: Vocabulary Frequency Lists for AP* Selections
by David R. Pellegrino

Horace and Cicero Frequency Lists for AP* Selections consists of four lists of the most frequent words met in the required lines of the Horace and Cicero AP* Latin Literature curriculum. The Latin words for each author are listed in two different ways. The first is a list with words divided into frequency of occurrence (15+ times, 9–14 times, 5–8 times), designed for review of the most frequent vocabulary words found in Horace and Cicero. The second is a list to be used as a glossary.

The lists are formatted so that the student can use an index card to cover either the Latin or the English to work on vocabulary building. Definitions are limited to those applicable to the required lines of the AP* Horace and Cicero curricula, which makes these lists less frustrating to use than most glossaries and dictionaries.

  • Two vocabulary lists for each author (Horace and Cicero)
  • First list is designed for review, and gives the most frequent words (those used 5 or more times) in the AP* Latin Literature curriculum lines for that author, separated by frequency of occurrence (15+ times, 9–14 times, 5–8 times)
  • Second list is a complete vocabulary of all words occurring in the curriculum lines, for use as a handy glossary, with: • Definitions limited to those found in the AP* curriculum, to minimize frustration and discouragement •Full listing of all cases for personal and reflexive pronouns, to reinforce recognition of these forms
David R. Pellegrino has been teaching Latin for twenty years. He has experience with both middle level and high school Latin. He majored in Latin at the State University of New York, Albany, where he subsequently gained an MA in Latin Education. He is the past president of the Classical Association of the Empire State and is currently Latin teacher at Pittsford Mendon High School.

iv + 74 pp. (2008) Paperback, ISBN 978-0-86516-684-4

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