Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Milan Rúfus: And That's the Truth

Milan Rúfus: And That's the Truth
Milan Rufus, poems selected and edited by Milan Richter, illustrated by Koloman Sokol, translated by Ewald Osers, Viera and James Sutherland-Smith

First English Edition of Milan Rúfus
A Candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature

This English-Slovak edition contains sixty-two poems of Milan Rúfus.
The ten illustrations come from the Slovak-American artist Koloman Sokol.

AUTHOR: Milan Rúfus
The Slovak poet Milan Rúfus is the most translated Slovak poet into foreign languages. • His selected poems have been published in Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Belorussian, Georgian, Lithuanian, Italian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Macedonian, French, Norwegian, and now also in English • Recipient of many highest awards, Rúfus has been a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature every year since 1991. • Milan Rúfus, who had passively opposed the Communist regime by raising the themes of human values, God, Christian morality, human destiny, and homeland as space for man’s creativity, labor and victory over a bitter fate, became a kind of a national conscience for Slovakia and its people.

ILLUSTRATOR: Koloman Sokol
A leading personality of twentieth century art, Koloman Sokol is one of those few artists born in Slovakia whose art has reached beyond his country’s borders. Sokol’s wide-ranging artistic agenda originated in his unceasing powerful inner energy devoted to the oppressed and the humiliated. Having lived most of his adult life in the United States, Sokol died in 2003 at the age of 100.

Rúfus’ spirit is Slavic. His values come from a synthesis of the West and the East.

xiv + 146 pp. (2006) Hardbound, ISBN 0-86516-649-8

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